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We help companies

adapt online and underpin their digital future


Good digital strategy redefines and changes an organisation’s objectives, focus and operations. It maximises opportunities offered by evolving digital technologies and marketing.

Our Process

Where to start - Our 6 transformative steps will help you.


Assess your organisation, your customers and your digital marketplace.


Evaluate your digital appetite, resource capability and talent skill-set.


Define your digital strategy and what success will look like.


Position you for transformation and growth.


Organise (people), Execute (process) and Market accordingly and appropriately.


Measure iteratively and revise relentlessly.

Digital evolution and transformation is a continuous journey. It's about being competitive and relevant to your customers and understanding how new digital technology and ways of marketing impacts their behaviours.


John O'Connell Managing Director

John O'Connell

John O'Connell Managing Director

Principal consultant
John has extensive digital experience - strategic, operational and transformational. International MD of Trader Media Group Ltd he was responsible for publishing transformation and online migration in markets ranging from Europe to South Africa and developed beacon brands such as and He has helped numerous companies including online retailers, medical device and software companies successfully plan and execute growth strategies. He is a business partner with Enterprise Ireland advising start-ups and early-stage digital enterprises.


A selection of companies we have helped and what they say say about us.

Enterprise Ireland

  • Digital marketing
  • Customer engagement
  • competitive advantage
  • Digital integration
  • Legacy management

FTI Consulting

  • Digital business strategy
  • Digital transformation
  • Innovation
  • Omni-channel technology

Barry Connolly. CEO Richmond Marketing

John helped demystify digital for us and kept us focused on what was possible now. We found that small but vital steps can make significant differences. We now have a strategy and a roadmap that everyone buys into and is delivering results.

JP Manning, CEO at

John's work on the US strategy and business plan gave us an in-depth appreciation of the market's true potential. His understanding of the opportunity and what we were hoping to achieve shaped our value proposition and approach to how we want to scale the business.